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Our partners have significant experience as private traders in their own right. Each focuses on his own specific style and timeframe, yet their systems were developed and tested using the same rigorous principles and software tools we use to advise StatisTrade clients.

Dave Walton

Dave Walton

Dave Walton has been involved in active investing since 1999; he has focused on system trading since completing the Van Tharp Institute’s Super Trader program. A computer engineer by training, Mr. Walton applies system validation principles and statistical methods to trading. Prior to co-founding StatisTrade, Mr. Walton spent 18 years ensuring the quality and reliability of cutting-edge technology products for one of the world’s largest computer chip manufacturers. Mr. Walton received his BS in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech and his MBA from UC Davis.

Mr. Walton is a proponent of applying a scientific approach to trading system development and evaluation. He applies the rigorous validation principles gleaned from his engineering background to trading. He won the NAAIM (National Association of Active Investment Managers) 2014 Wagner Award for one of his creative system validation methods. 

Mr. Walton primarily focuses on long-term trading systems that have significant academic research behind them. His primary trading vehicles are ETFs and US stocks.

You may contact Mr. Walton directly via email at

Dave Witkin

Dave Witkin developed a passion for the markets in the mid-1990s and has been trading for nearly 20 years. He has traded stocks, options, and futures using both discretionary and systematic styles. Mr. Witkin was primarily an options trader in 2000 when the market changed course; the bear market initiated a profound change in his respect for risk and inspired his drive to effectively manage it. In addition to in-depth research into position sizing methods designed to manage risk, he has become a proponent of using long and short positions in tandem.

After making well over 100% return in 2010, Mr. Witkin was featured in Dr. Van Tharp’s book, Trading Beyond the Matrix, in a section called “Transforming the Trading Game.” In 2011, he joined Dr. Van Tharp’s Super Trader program and dedicated himself to modelling his psychology and trading techniques after the world’s top traders. 

Mr. Witkin currently trades stocks and ETFs using mechanical and rule-based discretionary systems, mostly in the swing timeframe.

You may contact Mr. Witkin directly via email at

Thomas Krawinkel

Thomas Krawinkel has been active in the markets since the 1980’s. An engineer by training he progressed toward mechanical and fully automated trading systems which he develops, validates and programs for live production on several trading platforms.

Mr. Krawinkel explored success factors for system performance that led him to several unique insights. He won the NAAIM (National Association of Active Investment Managers) 2011 Wagner Award for one of these insights. He has also published several articles for the Van Tharp Institute.

Mr. Krawinkel primarily trades automated day trading systems on stocks and ETFs. 

You may contact Mr. Krawinkel directly via email at